Getting Pre-Qualified: The Process And Guidelines

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.26.22 AMThere are several benefits to getting pre-qualified and it can be a valuable first step towards purchasing your home. Many home buyers choose to get qualified early. Here are some reasons why you should get pre-qulified.

Learn How Much You Can Barrow

When shopping for your future home it is important to know the total living cost you are able to spend on your new home purchase. You can also make things a lot easier for yourself by saving a lot of time and money. It would be a wise decision to get pre-approved in order to determine your financial qualifications for a loan before you even start your search.

The Qualification Process

Your lender will ask for your annual income, total amount of debt, monthly payments, current employment and any negative financial incidents that may affect your chances of getting a loan. There are generally no fees so it’s an easy choice to make.

You will be asked to fill out a mortgage application which your lender will use to verify your information and run your credit. Upon receiving qualification there is usually a letter presented to you which will be a written commitment of your approval.

A pre-approval can be helpful for all homebuyers, but more so for first-time homebuyers. It will be difficult to compete with other buyers who have already taken the initiative to take this significant first step.

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Meet The Lockwood Team

ISp55pnc3pbvpk0000000000Specialties: Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Short-Sale, Staging

Julie Lockwood and Sarah Paris make up the Lockwood Team. Together they are the best seller/buyer specialists in the Walteria and Victoria Knolls area. With over 25 years of experience between these two, you are sure to have the knowledge, experience, service, and skills needed to find you the perfect home. Julie prides herself in having a hands on approach by negotiating the best price for her clients. Sarah is the head of marketing and takes charge of managing every property.

Julie Lockwood has been a licensed buyer’s agent for 15 years and specializes in helping clients achieve their real estate goals. She goes full force when helping her clients out. Her marketing strategies are very detailed presenting flyers, postcards, slideshows, and other online strategies in order to sell your home.

Sarah Paris is a tremendous asset to the Lockwood team, her knowledge of the area helps homeowners find the perfect home. She is known for being dedicated and determined to help the client find the best property.

The Lockwood Team has represented several buyers and sellers on more than 150 properties in Walteria and Victoria Knolls area. They are advocates and sponsors of the Annual National Night Out Walter Block Party, which helps promote neighborhood watch and helps bring the community together. They are strong believers in bringing the community together. Let them help you find the perfect home in their community.

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